Summerplace Business Solutions is dedicated to their team members and will always strive to have a fun and productive environment

Summerplace Business Solutions is dedicated to their team members and will always strive to have fun and productive environment. 

Management Training

- Start from the ground up to learn each position
- Learn to be part of a team
- Adapt and learn to manage different learning styles

Team Environment

- Our team makes us who we are
- We can all learn from each other no matter what our title is
- Healthy sports minded competition
- Weekly team events, to develop personal and professional relationships

Competitive Pay and Performance Bonuses

- Hard work never lies, what you put in is what you get out
- Weekly recognition for top performers
- Travel opportunities

If you are looking to start a new career where you can change the business world, you are in the right spot. 

Organic Promotions

- We promote from within
- Promotions are based on consistent numbers and reaching goals
- Keeps our core values and office culture in tact

Organic Promotions

- We set individuals up for success by catering to their learning styles
- 1-on-1 training from out top leaders
- I do, we do, you do

Build Resume

- We understand the value of personal growth and development - We provide team members transferable skills in sales, interviewing, training and management.



Sales Representative

In this role, an individual will be working on Sales & Marketing campaigns for large Fortune 100 & 500 companies. 


Internships are tailored to give individuals the experience and tools that will separate them from their peers to get to the next level.


Summerplace Business Solutions is an award-winning sales & marketing firm. Our focus is building retail brand-awareness for our clients.

Summerplace Business Solutions has yet to engage in any outside sales or cold-calling for clients. We primarily focus on retail campaigning currently.

In the office, we require business professional attire and in the field we allow business causal wear.

Promotions depend on the individual. Summerplace Business Solutions believes in 100% merit-based promotions and we only promote from within.

Our leadership team look for dependable individuals that have strong interpersonal skills and drive. Are you competitive and full of enthusiasm? Apply today!